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An Instagram plugin for Kirby CMS.

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Instagram Plugin for Kirby by Simon Albrecht (1.0.1)

This is a plugin for Kirby that loads images from the Instagram API.


  1. Put the instagram.php file in your site/plugins folder. If this folder doesn't exist yet, create it.
  2. In order to interact with the Instagram API, you need to obtain an access token for yourself.
  3. Visit and register an application.
  4. Copy the Client-ID of the newly created app.
  5. Visit in your browser, but replace CLIENT-ID with your client-id. Note The callback-url points to a simple (open source) tool I wrote for better display of the params passed to a callback url.
  6. Copy the access token and/or save it somewhere.
  7. Implement the plugin into your template.

Update instructions

To update, just replace the old instagram.php file in site/plugins, with the new one.

Example usage

// Load an instagram object using your access_token (see installation)
// containing 10 shots.
// Note: Replace XXX… with your access_token
$images     = $instagram->images();

foreach ($images as $image): ?>
    <div class="instagram-photo">
        <a href="<?php echo $image->link ?>"><img src="<?php echo $image->url ?>" /></a>
        <div class="location">
                <?php echo $image->location ?> (<?php echo $image->latitude ?>, <?php echo $image->longitude ?>)
<?php endforeach ?>

Advanced Users: See the source for further options.

Attributes for the image

  • $image->link The link to the image
  • $image->comments The number of comments
  • $image->likes The number of likes
  • $image->created The timestamp when the image was created
  • $image->thumb The url of the thumbnail of the image
  • $image->url The url of the full-sized image
  • $image->image_lowres The url to a low-res version of the image
  • $image->filter The filter that was used
  • $image->location The location name
  • $image->latitude The latitude of the location
  • $image->longitude The longitude of the location
  • $image->tags An array of tags of the image

Attributes for the user-object

  • $user->username The username of the user
  • $user->full_name The full name of the user
  • $user->picture The url to the avatar of the user


Your web server must have support for cURL (installation instructions).


Copyright 2012, Simon Albrecht If you use this plugin, feel free to ping me @s_albrecht.

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