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Lookup movies on IMDb and OMDb
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Movies Workflow for Alfred 2.0

A workflow for Alfred 2.0 which lets you quickly lookup movies and actors on IMDb and OMDb.

The workflow is inspired by this workflow written by Robert Hovath. While the workflow developed by Hovath is great, I wanted to be able to search for actors and therefore I decided to create a workflow which pulls its information from IMDbs API.

However, the API provided by IMDb is unofficial and undocumented so I don't know of any way to pull detailed information from them, so I ended up retrieving information for a specific movie from OMDb.

The workflow uses one single command.

  • m [query] Looks up a movie, TV series or actor matching the query.

If a movie or TV series is selected, detailed information will be loaded from OMDb and shown. The detailed information includes the option for watching plot summary and a poster in quick look, view a list of actors in Alfred and view a trailer on YouTube.

If an actor is selected, the corresponding IMDb website will be opened.


The workflow is developed by @simonbs and is inspired by Robert Hovath.

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