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ATTENTION: This project is not maintained anymore.


Rails plugin that make possible to use GetText ranslations in javascipt.


GettextJson can be installed as a gem :

gem install gettext_json

Or directly as a Rails plugin :

./script/plugin install git://

Or as a dependency of your Rails app :

# config/environment.rb
config.gem "gettext_json", :version => ">= 0.0.2"

# and then in the console
rake gems:install



To install the GettextJson files in your application use the following generator :

./script/generate gettext_json

It will create three files :


gettext_json.js is the GetText micro library for javascript. To use gettext_json you have to call this file from your layout.

lib/js_parser.rb is a Javascript gettext parser. To use it, require the file inn your rake tasks for gettext.

lib/tasks/gettext_json.rake contains the makemo:json rake task.

For more informations, see GetText micro library and Javascript parser in the wiki.

Getting the translations

To create the translations file, use the following rake task :

rake makemo:json

It will generate the public/javascripts/gettext_json_translations.js file that contains the translated strings for all languages. To make the GetText translations work, you need to call this file in your layout.

Use it in your scripts

To translate strings in your scripts, simply use the GetText micro library API :

GetText.locale = 'fr'; // To set the current locale (default is 'en')

var str = GetText.t('Hello World');
//=> "Bonjour le Monde"


Copyright (c) 2009 Simon COURTOIS, released under the MIT license