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#!/usr/bin/env ruby
require 'commander/import'
require 'ruploy'
program :name, 'Ruploy'
program :version, '0.0.1'
program :description, 'Generates init.d scripts to manage Rack apps using RVM'
command :generate do |c|
c.syntax = 'ruploy generate init_script [options]'
c.description = 'Generates an init.d script for a given Rack application and prints it in init_script.'
c.option '-n', '--name NAME', 'Name of your application (default: current directory name)'
c.option '-d', '--directory PATH', 'Root path of the application (default: current directory)'
c.option '-a', '--address HOST', 'Bind to HOST address (default:'
c.option '-p', '--port NUMBER', 'Use the given port number (default: 3000)'
c.option '-e', '--environment ENV', 'Framework environment (default: production)'
c.option '-u', '--user USERNAME', 'User to run as. Ignored unless running as root (default: www-data)'
c.option '--log-file FILENAME', 'Where to write log messages (default: /var/log/rack-$PROCNAME-$PORT.log)'
c.option '--pid-file FILENAME', 'Where to store the PID file (default: /var/lock/rack-$PROCNAME-$PORT)'
c.option '-s', '--server-type SERVER', 'Server type, can be "thin" or "passenger" (default: thin)'
c.option '--dependencies DEPS', 'Dependencies of the init script (default: apache2)'
c.option '-i', '--independent', 'Print the generic code in the file instead of including it'
c.option '--use-defaults', 'Do not ask for missing informations and use default values'
c.action do |args, opts|
script_file = args.shift
app_config = Ruploy.get_config(args, opts.__hash__)
init_file = Ruploy.generate_init_file(app_config, opts.independent), 'w') do |f|
f.puts init_file
File.chmod(0755, script_file)
alias_command :g, :generate
default_command :generate
command :deploy do |c|
c.syntax = 'ruploy deploy init_script [service_name]'
c.description = 'Copies the init script to /etc/init.d/<service_name> and calls update-rc.d.'
c.option '-f', '--force', 'Force symlink creation if a file already exists'
c.action do |args, opts|
script, name = args
path = File.expand_path(script)
name ||= File.basename(script)
target = "/etc/init.d/#{name}"
print "Deploying #{name}... "
File.delete(target) if File.exists?(target) && opts.force
File.symlink(path, target)
`update-rc.d #{name} defaults`
puts '[OK]'
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