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Changed install usage to work with BSD install

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simoncadman committed Oct 12, 2011
1 parent 2446747 commit 56d289d7201193f0bee08317d4f1a1266a6464e7
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@@ -14,10 +14,11 @@ clean:
rm -f cloudprint.ppd

install: all
${INSTALL} -D ${srcdir}/ ${prefix}/lib/cloudprint-cups/
mkdir -p ${prefix}/lib/cloudprint-cups/
${INSTALL} ${srcdir}/ ${prefix}/lib/cloudprint-cups/
${INSTALL} ${srcdir}/ ${prefix}/lib/cloudprint-cups/
${INSTALL} -D -g root -o root -m 700 ${srcdir}/ ${cupsbackend}cloudprint
${INSTALL} -D ${srcdir}/cloudprint.ppd ${cupsmodel}CloudPrint.ppd
${INSTALL} -g root -o root -m 700 ${srcdir}/ ${cupsbackend}cloudprint
${INSTALL} ${srcdir}/cloudprint.ppd ${cupsmodel}CloudPrint.ppd
mkdir -p $(DESTDIR)/var/log/cups/
touch $(DESTDIR)/var/log/cups/cloudprint_log
chown root:lp $(DESTDIR)/var/log/cups/cloudprint_log

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