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Google Cloud Print driver for CUPS, allows printing to printers hosted on Google Cloud Print
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RPM/DEB/Ebuild INSTALL ( Recommended )

Download and install the package for your distro from .

Refer to your own specific distribution instructions for how to install the package.

Follow configuration below.


Clone the git repo:

git clone git://

cd CUPS-Cloud-Print/
make install

Follow configuration below.


Run /usr/lib/cloudprint-cups/ ( or /usr/local/lib/cloudprint-cups/ ) and either allow it to add all 
Cloud Print printers at once, or say 'N', and add manually:

Add a new printer ( via or usual interface ) as a 'Google Cloud Print' network printer. Select the 'Make' as Google, and 'Model' as Cloud Print.
Supply the connection name as a simple URI pointing to the printer you want to setup, you can obtain a list of URIs from 
/usr/lib/cloudprint-cups/ ( or /usr/local/lib/cloudprint-cups/ ) :
Print a test page, to confirm it is working.

Assuming the test page prints correctly, installation is complete.

Copyright and Trademark Information

Printer part of icon from Oxygen Iconset ( ) and licenced under GNU LGPL v3 ( ).

Software and icon are copyright Simon Cadman and licenced under GNU GPL v3 ( ).

Google is a trademark of Google Inc, and the software is unaffiliated with Google in any way.

CUPS and the CUPS logo are trademarks of Apple Inc. CUPS is copyright Apple Inc.
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