@simoncozens simoncozens released this Oct 9, 2015 · 1110 commits to master since this release

Version 0.9.3 (2015-10-09)

  • Support for typesetting Japanese according to the JIS X 4051 standard, both horizontally and vertically.
  • Unicode line-breaking support; scripts now line-break correctly even if they don't have specific language support. Optionally uses the ICU library if installed.
  • Font designers rejoice: you can now say \font[filename=...] to use uninstalled fonts.
  • Pango/Cairo support is now officially deprecated. Stop using it!
  • Improvements to USX Bible processing.
  • Experimental support for Structured PDF generation.
  • Support for Opentype kerning.
  • Support for custom frame direction (e.g. "TTB-LTR" for Mongolian).
  • Support for many-way parallel texts across pages or spreads.
  • Line breaking support for Myanmar, Javanese and Uyghur.
  • Support for boustrophedon Greek. No, really.
  • Various fixes to bidirectionality, discretionary hyphens, insertions, footnotes, grid typesetting, alignment.
  • Under-the-hood advancements for Harfbuzz.