Ultra-simple Python API for iRobot Create 2
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BreezyCreate2 provides a simple abstraction layer on top of the Create2API library by Brandon Pomeroy, suitable for use by beginning Python programmers. BreezyCreate2 uses the standard Python distutils to install the Python module breezycreate2 and the JSON file required by Create2API. I have tested it with Python 2.7 and 3.5.

Once you've installed BreezyCreate2, you can access its sole class, the Robot class, which has easy methods for interacting with the robot: setForwardSpeed, playNote, getBumpers, etc. (See the robotest.py script for an example.)

The roboserver.py script can be run on a Raspberry Pi or other single-board computer, to control your Create2 over a wireless ad-hoc network. The corresponding robotclient.py script uses a joystick or game controller to send commands to the server over the network. The playsong.py script will use the Create2 to play a familiar melody.