dotnet-cli tool for managing properties in netcore projects based on MSBuild
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Why such a tool

With the move from the easily editable json based project file to the old and more difficult csproj MSBuild based file, I felt there was a need of an easier way to manage the properties of a project without going and messing with the XML based file.

During the Hackathon and 2016 MVP Summit I quicly wrote this simple dotnet-cli tool that allows to manage properties, without touching the XML file and without the need to remember the exact name of the XML tags.


To use the tool in a dotnet core project (the new kind of project, based on Csproj file, not project.json) just add the a DotNetCliToolReference reference to the nuget package dotnet-prop.

  <DotNetCliToolReference Include="dotnet-prop">


Commands available

>dotnet prop
.NET project parameter utility

Usage: dotnet prop [options] [command]

  -?|-h|--help  Show help information

  add   Adds a parameter to the project file
  del   Removes a parameter from the project file
  list  Lists all parameters from the project file

Use "dotnet prop [command] --help" for more information about a command.

Add command

Adds a property to the csproj project file

>dotnet prop add

Usage: dotnet prop add [options]

  -v|--version <VERSION>              Set version number
  -r|--runtime <RUNTIME_IDENTIFIERS>  Set supported runtimes
  -f|--framework <FRAMEWORK>          Set supported framework
  -?|-h|--help                        Show help information

Del command

Removes a property from the csproj project file

>dotnet prop del

Usage: dotnet prop del [options]

  -v|--version  Removes version number
  -r|--runtime  Removes supported runtimes
  -?|-h|--help  Show help information

List command

Lists the properties in the csproj project file

dotnet prop list