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Elixir Publish/Subscribe

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A Publish/Subscribe utility module that frees your business logic processes from the burden of communication.

Getting Started

Add :pubsub as a dependency to your mix.exs file:

defp deps do
    {:pubsub, "~> 1.0"}

Then run mix deps.get in your shell to fetch the dependencies.


Assuming your client process looks like this:

defmodule Client do

  def start(client_name) do
    spawn(fn -> loop(client_name) end)

  def loop(name) do
    receive do
      message ->
        IO.puts "#{name} received `#{message}`"


With PubSub you can do this:

iex(1)> {topic1, topic2} = {:erlang, :elixir}
{:erlang, :elixir}

iex(2)> {:ok, pid} = PubSub.start_link()
{:ok, #PID<0.99.0>}

iex(3)> {pid1, pid2, pid3} =
...(3)> {
...(3)> Client.start("John"),
...(3)> Client.start("Nick"),
...(3)> Client.start("Tim")
...(3)> }
{#PID<0.106.0>, #PID<0.107.0>, #PID<0.108.0>}

iex(4)> PubSub.subscribe(pid1, topic1)
iex(5)> PubSub.subscribe(pid2, topic1)
iex(6)> PubSub.subscribe(pid3, topic2)

iex(7)> PubSub.publish(topic1, "#{topic1} is great!")
"Nick received `erlang is great!`"
"John received `erlang is great!`"

iex(8)> PubSub.publish(topic2, "#{topic2} is so cool, dude")
"Tim received `elixir is so cool, dude`"

API Reference