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A Wordpress Plugin that automatically posts your new articles to Mastodon
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Mastodon Autpost Wordpress Plugin banner

Help me to grow this project:



Mastodon Wordpress Autopost Plugin

A Wordpress plugin that automatically posts your new articles to Mastodon

Get the Plugin

You can install the current stable version via the Wordpress Plugin Repository

How to install a Wordpress plugin via the Plugin Repository


  • Autopost
    • Post on any update (also if you change posts)
    • Only post on new post
    • Post with Standart Hashtag
  • Test Test your Settings befor posting


GNU General Public License v2.0


Mastodon PHP API

This project is using a modified Mastodon PHP libary based on the work of yks118


Thanks to

  • Ricardo Gomez Angel - Background Image (CC0)
  • Flaticon- icon used in the logo (Flaticon Basis License)
  • Wikipedia - Mastodon logo used in the logo (CC0)
  • Bastien Ho & agentcobra - French translation and internationalization help


Special thanks to Chris Riding for inspiring this plugin with his original project (GPLv2)


For any questions, do not hesitate to contact me:

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