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Simple Shamir's Secret Sharing (s4)

With Simple Shamir's Secret Sharing (s4) I want to provide you an easy to use interface for this beautiful little piece of math.

Please note that s4 is provided as it is and I do not take responsibility for any bugs. s4 is a tiny layer around hashicorp vault shamir and golang's AES encryption.

📚 Usage as library

You can use s4 as normal go library in your go projects by importing it via import "" and en-/decrypt bytes to byte shares and vice versa

🏠 Building the WASM for the frontend

I assume you have a go build environment setup in your machine.

In order to build & pack the web assembly file for the frontend please use the following command in the top level directory:


This will build you the required file. You now can copy to build folder to your web server (or use it locally) and it should run s4 as intended.

💸 Report Bugs & Tip

Please use Github Issues in order to report bugs

💸 If you want to tip me for my work on this project feel free to do so 💸

🗣 Discussions

s4 was broadly discussed on HackerNews, and was mentioned in golang weekly in June 2020.

📃 License

MIT License


Simple Shamir's Secret Sharing (s4) - A go package giving a easy to use interface for the shamir's secret sharing algorithm





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