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This repository has been archived by the owner on Feb 14, 2023. It is now read-only.


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This project is archived. I decided to not continue working on it. All code is FOSS so you can take it and host your own servers. Also possible to configure your own server in the webextension. Thanks for all the years

💵 Please consider supporting this project to keep it up and running 💵

Prevent short link services from tracking you by un shortening the urls for your. Try it on


  • Access short links for you to prevent the short link providers to track you
  • Check links against a blacklist to prevent access to a harmful website hidden behind a short link
  • Remove known tracking parameters from the urls behind the short links (e.g. the facebook tracking parameter utm_source)
  • Remove as many url parameters as possible by keeping the same website result. This helps to remove tracking parameters that are so far unknown


Thanks to all the following contributors for their work on!

  • shayne for the fix in the webextension not loading the providers from the custom server (Mar 2020)
  • roket1428 for the logo and the dark design (Jan 2020)
  • cyantarek for adding the makefile
  • Jakob-em for periodically reloading the blacklist & UI improvements (Jan 2020)
  • billcobbler for the dockerization of the server (Jan 2020)
  • madstk1 for the new bootstrap based frontend design (Dec 2019)
  • dkter for the bugfix bugfix of white text on white ground (Oct 2019)


Checkout the open issues if something fits for you and you would like to work on it. If you have an feature idea yourself, please open an issue first so we can discuss if it fits into the vision of to prevent you from doing unnecessary work.

Do not hesitate to contact me via if you have questions how you contribute to the project.


For any feature request, bug report or setup question please use the issues functionality of github! To contact me personally write an email to