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Building on Windows

Building MVE on Windows is possible, but unsupported. There are a few issues when compiling with Visual Studio which have been patched in the "cmake" branch of Andre Schulz' fork of MVE ( A list of patched issues follows:

  • Replace GNU make build system with CMake
  • Downgraded OpenMP 3.0+ code back to 2.0 because Visual Studio only supports OpenMP 2.0
  • Export MainWindowTab symbol for UMVE plugins


  • 64-bit Windows
  • Visual Studio 2015 (64-bit) or newer
  • CMake 3.7 or newer

Build instructions:

  1. Pull from
  2. Switch to the "cmake" branch (respectively "remotes/origin/cmake")

First, we will build the required 3rd party libraries:

  1. Run cmake (configure + generate) in the "3rdparty" folder
  2. Open "3rdparty.sln"
  3. Set the solution configuration to "Release"
  4. Build the solution

Second, we will build MVE itself:

  1. Run cmake (configure + generate) in "mve" folder
  2. Open "MVE.sln"
  3. Set your desired solution configuration (you'll most likely want "Release")
  4. Build the solution
  5. Build the CMake predefined target "PACKAGE"

This will create a .ZIP archive in the build folder named "" which contains all binaries and their required libraries.

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