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Gwen (GUI Without Extravagant Nonsense) for Cinder
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A Cinder block for Garry Newman's pretty fantastic GWEN

Status: alpha

The the cinder GL renderer and input are both fully functional on desktop - iOS support is still to come. The gwen platform-specific stuff is still a work in progress, although it isn't crucial for usage. Although my usage of gwen has been short so far, it looks to be one of the best existing, full featured, well abstracted gui's available to us cinder users.

To build

git clone --recursive git:// $CINDER_PATH/blocks/gwen

The --recursive is to pull down the gwen git repo as well, since it is referenced as a submodule.

Currently requires cinder from github source, with the latest dev branch (currently at 746dcefbe). The samples expect this repo to be within the cinder/blocks folder, and if it is there, you can use tinderbox to automatically add Gwen and it's cinder implementation to your project.

Note: Windows Users

There is newly introduced a bug in Gwen/Utility.cpp, where va_copy is not defined. The solution I've been using is here; add this to Utility.cpp, line 25 (in the #ifdef _MSC_VER block):

#define va_copy(d,s) ((d) = (s))

File issues please

I'm still working on how best to package this, so let me know what you think. Please file issues as they come up, or better yet the beloved pull requests. Thanks!


Same as Gwen (MIT)

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