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Why use this component?

Let the code in Markdown run in real time, why is there such a need?

In our front-end team, technical-related documents are written in Markdown. There are often a lot of sample code in the documentation. We hope that when you read the documentation, you can run the sample code to see the rendering interface.

What are the requirements?

  • Let the code in Markdown run and preview.
  • The code can be edited online.
  • Does not affect the layout of the entire document stream.
  • Support React, support code highlighting.
  • Babel can be configured.

After understanding the requirements, I wrote a React component to satisfy these functions, react-code-view , first look at the preview:



Principle of implementation

  • Parse the Markdown document with markdown-loader and html-loader.
  • Take the code out of the regular expression and give it to codemirror
  • Compile the code in codemirror through babel and render it to the specified container via ReactDOM.render .


npm install react-code-view

Configure webpack .

Support for markdown-loader needs to be added in webpack. Need to install:

npm install html-loader --save-dev
npm install markdown-loader@5.0.0 --save-dev
npm install react-markdown-reader@1.2.0 --save-dev


const markdownRenderer = require('react-markdown-reader').renderer;

  test: /\.md$/,
  use: [{
    loader: 'html-loader'
  }, {
    loader: 'markdown-loader',
    options: {
      renderer: markdownRenderer(/**languages:Array<string>**/)

languages 默认值:["javascript", "bash", "xml", "css", "markdown", "less"];

Add Babel

The sample code usually uses ES2015+, React, etc., and needs to compile the code in real time, so introduce Babel in HTML:


If is not well accessed in your area, you can change other CDN.


import CodeView from 'react-code-view';
import 'react-code-view/lib/less/index.less';

import { Button } from 'rsuite';

<CodeView dependencies={{ Button }}>{require('./')}</CodeView>;

The source code is uniformly written in markdown, reference:

The important thing to note here is that the code that needs to be run must be placed in <!--start-code--> and <!--end-code--> between.


Name Type Default value Description
babelTransformOptions Object { presets: ['stage-0', 'react', 'es2015'] } Babel configuration parameters options
dependencies Object Dependent components.
renderToolbar Function Custom toolbar.
showCode boolean true Display code.
theme string 'light' Theme, options light and dark.

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