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A script to install the version of dynamodb from AWS that run's locally and sets up a systemd service to stop, start etc.

##Dependencies. It's best to check but currently the main dependency is that the Java runtime must be version 6 or newer.


  1. Grab the script from
  2. Run sudo bash ./

This will install the jar and associated files to /opt/dynamodb and the datafiles for the database to /opt/dynamodb/data. Obviously you should check any code you download and run via sudo!!

##Starting and Stopping dynamodb The script setups a systemd service called dynamodb-server. The service can be started with the command

systemctl start dynamodb-server

and stopped via

systemctl stop dynamodb-server


as above, you should check any code you download and run on your servers - I can't talk to the code from AWS, but mine might cause your server to catch fire, meltdown and burrow to the core of the earth.