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Prototype of an FSharp Nano-framework based on Sinatra
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Prototype of an FSharp Nano-framework based on Sinatra

It only has 2 dependancies (Owin, and Newtonsoft.Json), and Newtonsoft.Json is only used for deserializing query string members

Hello World looks like this:

type MyApp() =
    member x.``GET /`` () =
        "Hello World"

Does support different verbs but there is no way to actually get posted data (it is only a prototype):

type MyApp() =
    member x.``POST /`` () =

Types parameters from the query string too:

type MyApp() =
    member x.``GET /square`` number =
        number * number

By default does no content negotiation whatesoever, although there is a dumb component that can be used to just return plain text.

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