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How to create your screensaver

This is based on version 3.2.1 of XCode. I am conscious that this is not very elegant. Maybe one day this will evolve into a nice GUI. But for now:

Step 1

Open MacFlashScreensaverMaker.xcodeproj in XCode

Step 2

Remove ExampleScreensaver.swf and ExampleConfig.swf from the Resources group

Step 3

Drag your screensaver swf files and resources into the Resources group. When the panel appears just leave the default settings and click Add.

Step 4 (skip if you don’t want a config panel)

Open OptionsController.m and find this line:

swfFile = [thisBundle pathForResource:@"ExampleConfig" ofType:@"swf"];

Replace ExampleConfig with the name of your config swf minus the swf extension. (aside: you could use HTML file here if you change swf to html)

Step 5

Open MacFlashScreensaverMakerView.m and find this line:

NSString *swfFile= [thisBundle pathForResource:@"ExampleScreensaver" ofType:@"swf"];

Replace ExampleScreensaver with the name of your screensaver swf minus the swf extension.

Step 6

If you don’t want a config panel, find the function

- (BOOL)hasConfigureSheet

and change YES to NO

Step 7

Press command-B to build the project. This will create the screensaver in build/Release/MacFlashScreensaverMaker.saver. You can rename this file to whatever you want your saver to be called.

You can just double-click the file to install it.