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@@ -67,11 +67,11 @@ following commands to install and run One:
git clone
cd one
- script/deps
- script/run
+ lein bootstrap
+ lein repl
-Open your browser and navigate to
+At the REPL prompt which appears, type `(go)`. Your browser will
+launch and navigate to the running application.
Once you have this running, see the [wiki][] and the [website][] for
more information.
@@ -92,10 +92,9 @@ In particular, note that pull requests should target the
# Known Issues
-* ClojureScript One does not currently support developing under
- Windows. The included sample application, however, can be viewed in
- IE9 and (with some degradation in behavior) in IE8. Versions of
- Internet Explorer previous to 8 are not supported at this time.
+* ClojureScript One supports developing under Windows if you are using
+ Chrome, Firefox, or IE9. Versions of Internet Explorer previous to 9
+ are not supported at this time.
* Everything on the
[project issues list](

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