Open Frameworks wrapper for the Microsoft Kinect SDK for Windows
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Release Notes.txt


ofxMSKinect addon for openFrameworks 0.3
Copyright (c) 2011 Matchbox Mobile Limited

See _License.txt for license and copyright information.

Feature list
1. initialize multiple kinect devices
   a. Second kinect doesn't support player info in the depth data
   b. second kinect doesn't support skeleton tracking.
2. video data
3. depth Data
4. transform depth to video
5. multiple tracked skeleton data
6. skeleton data contains ofVec3f joint positions
7. transform joint position to depth position (used to help render in 2d)
8. Helpful methods to retrieve data as ofTexture, ofImage, ofPixels so you can manipulate.

Please extract the zip file to the root directory of where you have openframeworks code.
For example, mine is:
The zip only contains our new files, it will not overwrite any of your existing install.

Once extracted, there will be a new folder in
And a new example in 

The example project shows how to use all our currently exposed functionality.

How to use
See msKinectExample for more details.

ofxMSKinect* kinect;
kinect = new ofxMSKinect();
kinect->Init(SINGLE_DEVICE); //Pass MULTIPLE_DEVICES if you intend to use more than 1 kinect.
       firstDevice = kinect->GetKinectDeviceDefault();

       // init the video feed
       // init the depth buffer
	// init skeleton tracking  

Multiple Kinects
//Using multiple kinects has the same interface as single kinect
int count = kinect->GetKinectDeviceCount();
firstDevice = kinect->GetKinectDevice(1);

Camera Data

Get Video Data
//First update the image
bool isOk = firstDevice->UpdateRGBVideo

//Now render it
firstDevice->DrawVidImage(x, y, w, h);

Get Depth Data 
//First update the image
isOk = firstDevice->UpdateDepth() ;

//Now render it
firstDevice->DrawDepthTexture(x, y, w, h);

Get Player index from depth 
int player = ofxMSKinect::GetPlayerIndex(shortData[indexOfDepthData];

Get distance from depth data - millimetres
int distance = ofxMSKinect::GetDepthDistance(shortData[depthIndex]); 


Check if skeleton data exists

Get the first tracked skeleton data
ofxMSKinectSkeleton skeletonData;

hasSkeleton = firstDevice->GetFirstTrackedSkeleton(&skeletonData);

Get a tracked skeleton by index
ofxMSKinectSkeleton skeletonData;
skeletonData = firstDevice->skeletons[0];

Get Skeleton points
ofVec3f headPosition = skeletonData.SkeletonPositions[NUI_SKELETON_POSITION_HEAD];

Known issues
1. Depth data has a 4 pixel bar on the left if transposed to image data
2. No Audio support

Development Environment and Compiler SUpport
Tested with the following IDE's:  MS Visual Studio 10,  CodeBlock (using Gcc compiler).

NOTE: !! Developers useing CobeBlock Gcc compiler who require multi device support please define the following in the defines pannel of your project

This is required to allow the code to include an additional Interface definition which allows Codeblocks Gcc compiler to correctly
confgure registers and stack in order the call into the MSKinetic.dll when addressing vtable entries which require access to the "this" ptr.