Harness ocamlspot within Vim and quickly show the type of any OCaml symbol.
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OCamlspot Vim plugin

OCamlspot for Vim allows Vim to get type information from the output of ocamlspot. When installed, Vim can show the type of the OCaml symbol under the cursor with a keypress.




The OCamlspot plugin uses the .cmt or .spot files generated by ocamlspot during compilation. To compile with binary annotation output use the following flag:


Alternatively, you can use a patched OCaml compiler that adds this flag by default based on an environemnt variable. This compiler can be obtained from OPAM.

opam switch 4.00.1+annot

For more information on which compilers can be used and how to use them, see the docs for OCamlSpotter.


This plugin is written to be easily installable using Pathogen:

cd ~
git clone http://github.com/simonjbeaumont/vim-ocamlspot.git .vim/bundle/vim-ocamlspot

Pro-tip: if you're keeping your Vim config under Git, consider using Git submodules for your plugins (works very nicely with Pathogen):

cd ~/.vim
git submodule add http://github.com/simonjbeaumont/vim-ocamlspot.git bundle/vim-ocamlspot
git submodule init
git submodule update


The plugin exports a function OCamlType() which can be called in Vim to show the type of the symbol under the cursor.

The functions OCamlSpot() and OCamlSpotSplit() can be used to jump to the definition of the symbol under the cursor. OCamlSpotSplit() opens the definition in a new split.

These can be mapped in your .vimrc, e.g.:

map <C-k> :call OCamlType()<CR>
map <C-]> :call OCamlSpot()<CR>

Still to be done

  • Write a quick Vim help file under doc/;
  • Use ftdetect to only load this plugin for OCaml files;
  • Add default shortcuts.

Contributions are more than welcome for any bugs or improvements, just submit a pull request.


Credit to John Else, from whom this repo was forked and to Jun Furuse for the creation of the plugin and his work with OCamlspotter.