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Remote computer control application
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Participate is a custom built application allowing users visiting a webpage to take control of another persons screen, keyboard and mouse in real-time.

The application is built using peer.js, electron.js and Robot.js. The project consists of two pieces: A Desktop application and a webpage. The webpage ( is the central command from which you can take control of other computers. The computers you want to remote control must have the application installed and running. The source code for both parts is available on this page.

Before testing: Be aware

The application is part of an exploration, investigating the question: "Would more creative applications in software be unleashed if we didn't start by saddling designers and developers with privacy and security concerns?". I wanted to see what we could do with software if we didn't care about safety. This application is intended to let other users control your computer. Running the app may put your computer at risk - and you should only use this application around people you trust/modify it to your own needs.

To test

Download the repository

Change directory into the app folder

[app]$ npm run client

This will connect you to my peerserver and to the Participate webpage through a socket connection.

Go to from any computer and you should be able to see your computername and access the controls.

Brief overview of communicating systems

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