A featureful wiki engine based on Zope 2
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Extensions move a script Nov 3, 2009
bin bin: make some scripts executable Feb 21, 2015
content/basic more precise standard_error_message fix, it was breaking functional t… Oct 29, 2009
i18n move I18n module into i18n package Feb 14, 2009
pagetypes bring back all old pagetypes modules for now to keep old page type ob… Feb 18, 2009
plugins fix broken spacer image in rating form Jun 8, 2013
profiles/default fix an xml bug preventing plone installation Aug 25, 2007
scripts move a script Nov 3, 2009
skins/zwiki backlinks, issuetracker and other templates were depending on single-… Mar 4, 2010
tests refactor, go back to storing page_type as a string Nov 24, 2009
.authorspellings add vinil's canonical spelling for show authors Oct 24, 2009
.cvsignore doxygen config May 8, 2007
.doxygen.conf rename some config files Feb 14, 2009
.sphinx.mk rename some config files Feb 14, 2009
Admin.py refactor, go back to storing page_type as a string Nov 24, 2009
Archive.py also move page revisions when archiving Oct 26, 2009
CHANGES.txt document anti-spam changes Nov 5, 2009
CMF.py make html_quote unicode-safe, make summary and excerptAt return unicode May 2, 2008
CONTRIBUTORS.txt signed Feb 8, 2009
Catalog.py drop /updateCatalog & add /index alias for index_object May 1, 2008
Comments.py remove cruft Mar 8, 2008
DEVELOPERS.txt expand tests section Feb 20, 2009
Defaults.py use global spam blacklist at zwiki.org Nov 5, 2009
Diff.py fix a unicode error in /diff, old revisions may still be utf-8 Feb 4, 2009
Editing.py fix a python 2.5-ism Nov 6, 2009
History.py refactor Oct 26, 2009
LICENSE.txt update copyright year Jan 31, 2009
Mail.py we weren't reliably choosing the alphabetically-first mailhost, fix Feb 16, 2009
Makefile better make clean Nov 3, 2009
NOTES.org rename NOTES.org Jan 9, 2012
Outline.py reorder with no argument sorts a page's children alphabetically Oct 26, 2009
OutlineSupport.py clarify some unicode strings for better errors Oct 29, 2009
PageTypes.py bring back all old pagetypes modules for now to keep old page type ob… Feb 18, 2009
Permissions.py implement page/page tree archiving, note an issue Oct 24, 2009
README.txt copyright year Feb 5, 2009
Regexps.py 517 - refactor updating backlinks. May 20, 2008
Splitter.py Added a simple unicode aware splitter, based on code by Stefan H. Holek. May 1, 2008
TextFormatter.py Eliminated unnused and unnecessary imports. May 12, 2007
Utils.py better stripList, add nonnulls Nov 5, 2009
Views.py fix another suspicious-looking unicode loophole in editform Oct 30, 2009
ZWikiPage.py setType, a helper for admin cleanup Feb 21, 2015
__init__.py an old workaround, commented Feb 21, 2015
conf.py docs cleanups Feb 5, 2009
index.txt docs cleanups Feb 5, 2009
refresh.txt add .txt files to repository Mar 20, 2004
setup.py more accurate author string Oct 24, 2009
version.txt bump version Oct 23, 2009



A wiki engine for Zope. 

For documentation and assistance, please see http://zwiki.org .
All feedback, bug reports and other help appreciated.

(c) 1999-2009 Simon Michael <simon@joyful.com> and contributors.
This product is released under the GNU General Public License.  
All rights reserved, all disclaimers apply, etc.

Overview of documentation files::

 README                  this file
 CHANGES                 release notes, same as http://zwiki.org/ReleaseNotes
 CONTRIBUTORS            official Zwiki contributor list
 FILESYSTEM_VS_WIKI_DOCS meta-documentation
 LICENSE                 license text
 LINECOUNTS              code line counts (generated by make linecount)
 REPO_POLICY             policy for the main Zwiki repository 
 STYLE                   developer style guide
 TESTS                   test notes

See also subdirectories.