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FROM haskell as dev
RUN mkdir /root/hledger
WORKDIR /root/hledger
# Install GHC
COPY ./stack*.yaml ./
RUN stack setup
# Pre-cache dependencies
RUN mkdir hledger-lib hledger hledger-ui hledger-web hledger-api
COPY hledger-lib/package.yaml hledger-lib/package.yaml
COPY hledger/package.yaml hledger/package.yaml
COPY hledger-ui/package.yaml hledger-ui/package.yaml
COPY hledger-web/package.yaml hledger-web/package.yaml
COPY hledger-api/package.yaml hledger-api/package.yaml
RUN stack install --dependencies-only
# Actually compile sources
COPY . .
RUN stack install
FROM debian:stable-slim
RUN apt-get update && apt-get install libgmp10 && rm -rf /var/lib/apt/lists
COPY --from=dev /root/.local/bin/hledger* /usr/bin/
RUN mkdir /data && touch /data/hledger.journal
VOLUME /data
EXPOSE 5000 5001
COPY docker/ /
CMD ["/"]
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