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-- bench
-- By default, show approximate times for some standard hledger operations on a sample journal.
-- With --criterion, show accurate times (slow).
import Criterion.Main (defaultMainWith, defaultConfig, bench, nfIO)
-- import QuickBench (defaultMain)
import Data.Default
import System.Directory (getCurrentDirectory)
import System.Environment (getArgs, withArgs)
import System.TimeIt (timeItT)
import Text.Printf
import Hledger.Cli
-- sample journal file to use for benchmarks
inputfile = "bench/10000x1000x10.journal"
outputfile = "/dev/null" -- hide output of benchmarked commands (XXX unixism)
-- outputfile = "-" -- show output of benchmarked commands
main = do
-- withArgs ["--quickbench"] $ do
-- withArgs ["--criterion"] $ do
args <- getArgs
if "--criterion" `elem` args
withArgs [] benchWithCriterion
-- if "--quickbench" `elem` args
-- then
-- benchWithQuickbench
-- else
benchWithTimeit = do
getCurrentDirectory >>= printf "Benchmarking hledger in %s with timeit\n"
let opts = defcliopts{output_file_=Just outputfile}
(t0,j) <- timeit ("read "++inputfile) $ either error id <$> readJournalFile def inputfile
(t1,_) <- timeit ("print") $ print' opts j
(t2,_) <- timeit ("register") $ register opts j
(t3,_) <- timeit ("balance") $ balance opts j
printf "Total: %0.2fs\n" (sum [t0,t1,t2,t3])
timeit :: String -> IO a -> IO (Double, a)
timeit name action = do
printf "%s%s" name (replicate (40 - length name) ' ')
(t,a) <- timeItT action
printf "[%.2fs]\n" t
return (t,a)
benchWithCriterion = do
getCurrentDirectory >>= printf "Benchmarking hledger in %s with criterion\n"
let opts = defcliopts{output_file_=Just "/dev/null"}
j <- either error id <$> readJournalFile def inputfile
Criterion.Main.defaultMainWith defaultConfig $ [
bench ("read "++inputfile) $ nfIO $ (either error const <$> readJournalFile def inputfile),
bench ("print") $ nfIO $ print' opts j,
bench ("register") $ nfIO $ register opts j,
bench ("balance") $ nfIO $ balance opts j,
bench ("stats") $ nfIO $ stats opts j