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#!/usr/bin/env runhaskell
generatejournal.hs NUMTXNS NUMACCTS ACCTDEPTH [--chinese|--mixed]
Outputs a dummy journal file with the specified number of
transactions, number of accounts, and account tree depth. By default
it uses only ascii characters, with --chinese it uses wide chinese
characters, or with --mixed it uses both. These files are used for
testing, benchmarking, profiling, etc.
module Main
import Data.Char
import Data.List
import Data.Time.Calendar
import Data.Time.LocalTime
import Numeric
import System.Environment
import Text.Printf
-- import Hledger.Utils.Debug
main = do
rawargs <- getArgs
let (opts,args) = partition (isPrefixOf "-") rawargs
let [numtxns, numaccts, acctdepth] = map read args :: [Int]
today <- getCurrentDay
let (year,_,_) = toGregorian today
let d = fromGregorian (year-1) 1 1
let dates = iterate (addDays 1) d
let accts = pair $ cycle $ take numaccts $ uniqueAccountNames opts acctdepth
mapM_ (\(n,d,(a,b)) -> putStr $ showtxn n d a b) $ take numtxns $ zip3 [1..] dates accts
return ()
showtxn :: Int -> Day -> String -> String -> String
showtxn txnno date acct1 acct2 =
printf "%s transaction %d\n %-40s %2d\n %-40s %2d\n\n" d txnno acct1 amt acct2 (-amt)
d = show date
amt = 1::Int
uniqueAccountNames :: [String] -> Int -> [String]
uniqueAccountNames opts depth =
mkacctnames uniquenames
mkacctnames names = mkacctnamestodepth some ++ mkacctnames rest
(some, rest) = splitAt depth names
-- mkacctnamestodepth ["a", "b", "c"] = ["a","a:b","a:b:c"]
mkacctnamestodepth :: [String] -> [String]
mkacctnamestodepth [] = []
mkacctnamestodepth (a:as) = a : map ((a++":")++) (mkacctnamestodepth as)
| "--mixed" `elem` opts = concat $ zipWith (\a b -> [a,b]) uniqueNamesHex uniqueNamesWide
| "--chinese" `elem` opts = uniqueNamesWide
| otherwise = uniqueNamesHex
uniqueNamesHex = map hex [1..] where hex = flip showHex ""
uniqueNamesWide = concat [sequences n wideChars | n <- [1..]]
-- Get the sequences of specified size starting at each element of a list,
-- cycling it if needed to fill the last sequence. If the list's elements
-- are unique, then the sequences will be too.
sequences :: Show a => Int -> [a] -> [[a]]
sequences n l = go l
go [] = []
go l' = s : go (tail l')
s' = take n l'
s | length s' == n = s'
| otherwise = take n (l' ++ cycle l)
wideChars = map chr [0x3400..0x4db0]
pair :: [a] -> [(a,a)]
pair [] = []
pair [a] = [(a,a)]
pair (a:b:rest) = (a,b):pair rest
getCurrentDay :: IO Day
getCurrentDay = do
t <- getZonedTime
return $ localDay (zonedTimeToLocalTime t)