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;Shake clean/Clean: update, fix dangerous over-cleaning in site/

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simonmichael committed Sep 15, 2019
1 parent 68c770a commit 2bbc9b76e5585e43e710434fb776f3ac89b47b0b
Showing with 3 additions and 12 deletions.
  1. +3 −12 Shake.hs
@@ -662,21 +662,12 @@ main = do
-- Cleanup.

phony "clean" $ do
-- putNormal "Cleaning generated help texts, manuals, staged site content"
-- removeFilesAfter "." commandtxts
putNormal "Cleaning generated manuals, staged site content"
removeFilesAfter "." webmanuals
removeFilesAfter "." [
-- "site/",
-- "site/"
putNormal "Cleaning object files in tools"
removeFilesAfter "tools" ["*.o","*.p_o","*.hi"]

phony "Clean" $ do
need ["clean"]
putNormal "Cleaning generated site content, object files, shake build cache"
removeFilesAfter "site" ["_*"]
removeFilesAfter "tools" ["*.o","*.p_o","*.hi"]
removeFilesAfter "site" ["*.o","*.p_o","*.hi"]
putNormal "Cleaning shake build cache"
removeFilesAfter ".shake" ["//*"]

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