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;doc: add LEDGER_FILE tips to the ENVIRONMENT sections

(Probably too much.)

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simonmichael committed Feb 7, 2020
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@@ -211,6 +211,22 @@ m4_define({{_LEDGER_FILE_}}, {{
The journal file path when not specified with `-f`.
Default: `~/.hledger.journal` (on windows, perhaps `C:/Users/USER/.hledger.journal`).

A typical value is `~/DIR/YYYY.journal`, where DIR is a version-controlled finance directory
and YYYY is the current year. Or `~/DIR/current.journal`, where current.journal is a symbolic
link to YYYY.journal.

On Mac computers, you can set this and other environment variables in a more thorough way
that also affects applications started from the GUI (say, an Emacs dock icon).
Eg on MacOS Catalina I have a `~/.MacOSX/environment.plist` file containing
"LEDGER_FILE" : "~/finance/current.journal"
To see the effect you may need to `killall Dock`, or reboot.

}} )m4_dnl
m4_dnl The _FLAGS marker is used in generating command help (see

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