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;make: clean up/fix hledgerprof/quickprof-CMD

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simonmichael committed Jul 25, 2019
1 parent 25fa835 commit bf6bd4003cb9c03decc3b3868fee95b0d1b2fcfe
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@@ -59,7 +59,7 @@ dummy2: $(call def-help,RULE -n, show what RULE would do )
export LANG?=en_US.UTF-8

# command to run during profiling (time and heap)
PROFCMD=stack exec -- hledgerprof balance -f examples/10000x1000x10.journal >/dev/null
PROFCMD=stack exec --profile -- hledger balance -f examples/10000x1000x10.journal >/dev/null

@@ -281,14 +281,11 @@ templates: \
ln -sf hledger-web/$@

# force a compile even if binary exists, since we don't specify dependencies for these
.PHONY: bin/hledgerprof bin/hledgercov

hledgerprof: \
$(call def-help,hledgerprof, build "hledgerprof" for profiling (with stack) )
$(STACK) build hledger-lib hledger --library-profiling --executable-profiling --ghc-options=-fprof-auto
cp `$(STACK) exec which hledger`{,prof}
@echo to profile, use $(STACK) exec -- hledgerprof ...
$(call def-help,hledgerprof, build a hledger executable with profiling enabled (with stack) )
$(STACK) build --profile hledger
# hledger-lib --ghc-options=-fprof-auto
# @echo "to profile, use $(STACK) exec --profile -- hledger ..."

hledgercov: \
$(call def-help,hledgercov, build "bin/hledgercov" for coverage reports (with ghc) )
@@ -636,13 +633,16 @@ bench: samplejournals $(call def-help,bench, benchmark commands in benc

quickprof-%: hledgerprof samplejournals \
$(call def-help,quickprof-"CMD", run some command against a sample journal and display the execution profile )
$(STACK) exec -- hledgerprof +RTS $(PROFRTSFLAGS) -RTS $* -f examples/10000x1000x10.journal >/dev/null
$(STACK) exec --profile -- hledger +RTS $(PROFRTSFLAGS) -RTS $* -f examples/1000x1000x10.journal >/dev/null
@head -20
@echo ...
@head -20
@head -20 hledger.profiterole.txt
@echo ...
@echo see or for the full report
@echo "See, hledger.profiterole.txt, hledger.profiterole.html for more."

# heap: samplejournals \
# $(call def-help,heap,\

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