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simonmichael committed Dec 1, 2019
1 parent 6daebf6 commit d922b6e79828f118c0507abf2536b982ea59eedd
@@ -4,4 +4,4 @@ m4_dnl Program version. Updated by make setversion.
m4_define({{_version_}}, {{1.16}})m4_dnl
m4_dnl Date to show in man pages. Updated by make setdate.
m4_define({{_monthyear_}}, {{September 2019}})m4_dnl
m4_define({{_monthyear_}}, {{December 2019}})m4_dnl
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@

.TH "hledger_csv" "5" "September 2019" "hledger 1.15.99" "hledger User Manuals"
.TH "hledger_csv" "5" "December 2019" "hledger 1.16" "hledger User Manuals"

@@ -3,8 +3,8 @@ This is, produced by makeinfo version 6.5 from stdin.

File:, Node: Top, Next: EXAMPLES, Up: (dir)

hledger_csv(5) hledger 1.15.99
hledger_csv(5) hledger 1.16

hledger can read CSV (comma-separated value, or character-separated
value) files as if they were journal files, automatically converting
@@ -888,57 +888,57 @@ command the user specified.

Tag Table:
Node: Top72
Node: EXAMPLES1835
Ref: #examples1941
Node: Basic2149
Ref: #basic2249
Node: Bank of Ireland2791
Ref: #bank-of-ireland2926
Node: Amazon4389
Ref: #amazon4507
Node: Paypal6440
Ref: #paypal6534
Node: CSV RULES14417
Ref: #csv-rules14526
Node: skip14771
Ref: #skip14864
Node: fields15239
Ref: #fields15361
Node: Transaction field names16428
Ref: #transaction-field-names16588
Node: Posting field names16699
Ref: #posting-field-names16851
Node: field assignment18083
Ref: #field-assignment18219
Node: if19037
Ref: #if19146
Node: end20862
Ref: #end20968
Node: date-format21192
Ref: #date-format21324
Node: newest-first22073
Ref: #newest-first22211
Node: include22894
Ref: #include23002
Node: TIPS23446
Ref: #tips23528
Node: Valid CSV23777
Ref: #valid-csv23896
Node: Other separator characters24088
Ref: #other-separator-characters24276
Node: Reading multiple CSV files24605
Ref: #reading-multiple-csv-files24802
Node: Valid transactions25043
Ref: #valid-transactions25221
Node: Deduplicating importing25849
Ref: #deduplicating-importing26028
Node: Setting amounts27061
Ref: #setting-amounts27230
Node: Setting currency/commodity28216
Ref: #setting-currencycommodity28408
Node: Referencing other fields29211
Ref: #referencing-other-fields29411
Node: How CSV rules are evaluated30308
Ref: #how-csv-rules-are-evaluated30479
Node: EXAMPLES1829
Ref: #examples1935
Node: Basic2143
Ref: #basic2243
Node: Bank of Ireland2785
Ref: #bank-of-ireland2920
Node: Amazon4383
Ref: #amazon4501
Node: Paypal6434
Ref: #paypal6528
Node: CSV RULES14411
Ref: #csv-rules14520
Node: skip14765
Ref: #skip14858
Node: fields15233
Ref: #fields15355
Node: Transaction field names16422
Ref: #transaction-field-names16582
Node: Posting field names16693
Ref: #posting-field-names16845
Node: field assignment18077
Ref: #field-assignment18213
Node: if19031
Ref: #if19140
Node: end20856
Ref: #end20962
Node: date-format21186
Ref: #date-format21318
Node: newest-first22067
Ref: #newest-first22205
Node: include22888
Ref: #include22996
Node: TIPS23440
Ref: #tips23522
Node: Valid CSV23771
Ref: #valid-csv23890
Node: Other separator characters24082
Ref: #other-separator-characters24270
Node: Reading multiple CSV files24599
Ref: #reading-multiple-csv-files24796
Node: Valid transactions25037
Ref: #valid-transactions25215
Node: Deduplicating importing25843
Ref: #deduplicating-importing26022
Node: Setting amounts27055
Ref: #setting-amounts27224
Node: Setting currency/commodity28210
Ref: #setting-currencycommodity28402
Node: Referencing other fields29205
Ref: #referencing-other-fields29405
Node: How CSV rules are evaluated30302
Ref: #how-csv-rules-are-evaluated30473

End Tag Table
@@ -760,4 +760,4 @@ SEE ALSO

hledger 1.15.99 September 2019 hledger_csv(5)
hledger 1.16 December 2019 hledger_csv(5)
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@

.TH "hledger_journal" "5" "September 2019" "hledger 1.15.99" "hledger User Manuals"
.TH "hledger_journal" "5" "December 2019" "hledger 1.16" "hledger User Manuals"

@@ -1133,9 +1133,25 @@ Y2010 ; change default year to 2010
.SS Declaring commodities
The \f[C]commodity\f[R] directive declares commodities which may be used
in the journal, and their display format.
The \f[C]commodity\f[R] directive has several functions:
.IP "1." 3
It declares commodities which may be used in the journal.
This is currently not enforced, but can serve as documentation.
.IP "2." 3
It declares what decimal mark character to expect when parsing input -
useful to disambiguate international number formats in your data.
(Without this, hledger will parse both \f[C]1,000\f[R] and
\f[C]1.000\f[R] as 1).
.IP "3." 3
It declares the amount display format to use in output - decimal and
digit group marks, number of decimal places, symbol placement etc.
You are likely to run into one of the problems solved by commodity
directives, sooner or later, so it\[aq]s a good idea to just always use
them to declare your commodities.
A commodity directive is just the word \f[C]commodity\f[R] followed by
an amount.
It may be written on a single line, like this:
@@ -1150,8 +1166,8 @@ commodity 1,000.0000 AAAA
or on multiple lines, using the \[dq]format\[dq] subdirective.
In this case the commodity symbol appears twice and should be the same
in both places:
(In this case the commodity symbol appears twice and should be the same
in both places.):
@@ -1162,24 +1178,14 @@ in both places:
; thousands, lakhs and crores comma-separated,
; period as decimal point, and two decimal places.
commodity INR
format INR 9,99,99,999.00
format INR 1,00,00,000.00
Declaring commodites may be useful as documentation, but currently we do
not enforce that only declared commodities may be used.
This directive is mainly useful for customising the preferred display
format for a commodity.
Normally the display format is inferred from journal entries, but this
can be unpredictable; declaring it with a commodity directive overrides
this and removes ambiguity.
Towards this end, amounts in commodity directives must always be written
with a decimal point (a period or comma, followed by 0 or more decimal
Commodity directives do not affect how amounts are parsed; the parser
will read multiple formats.
The quantity of the amount does not matter; only the format is
The number must include a decimal mark: either a period or a comma,
followed by 0 or more decimal digits.
.SS Default commodity
The \f[C]D\f[R] directive sets a default commodity (and display format),

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