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;doc: fix yet another rendering issue with new pandoc ({=html})

Since pandoc 2.8 the markdown writer adds this raw_attribute syntax by default.
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simonmichael committed Jan 6, 2020
1 parent 6dcf631 commit e789cc93f54c6854fe2c4687a196b9ec00ac425a
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@@ -121,7 +121,7 @@ fromsrcmd = "-f markdown-smart-tex_math_dollars"
-- recommonmark (Commonmark syntax,
-- sphinx-markdown-tables (PHP Markdown Extra table syntax,
-- XXX trying to force the use of pipe_tables here, but sometimes it uses html instead
towebmd = "-t markdown-smart-fenced_divs-fenced_code_attributes-simple_tables-multiline_tables-grid_tables --atx-headers"
towebmd = "-t markdown-smart-fenced_divs-fenced_code_attributes-simple_tables-multiline_tables-grid_tables-raw_attribute --atx-headers"

main = do

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