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simonmichael committed Sep 13, 2019
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@@ -1,6 +1,10 @@
General/project-related changes in the hledger project.
For package-specific changes, see the package changelogs.

# 4db14ef7

- add descriptions to most issue tracker labels

# 1.15 2019-09-01

- install: bump to lts-14.4, hledger 1.15, drop hledger-api
@@ -1,6 +1,40 @@
Internal/api/developer-ish changes in the hledger-lib (and hledger) packages.
For user-visible changes, see the hledger package changelog.

# aa20f34b

- lib, cli, ui: start using Control.Monad.Fail, allow base-compat 0.11
fail is moving out of Monad and into it's own MonadFail class.
This will be enforced in GHC 8.8 (I think).

base-compat/base-compat-batteries 0.11.0 have adapted to this,
and are approaching stackage nightly

hledger is now ready to build with base-compat-batteries 0.11.0, once
all of our deps do (eg aeson). We are still compatible with the older
0.10.x and GHC 7.10.3 as well.

For now we are using both fails:

- new fail (from Control.Monad.Fail), used in our parsers, imported
via base-compat-batteries Control.Monad.Fail.Compat to work with
older GHC versions.

- old fail (from GHC.Base, exported by Prelude, Control.Monad,
Control.Monad.State.Strict, Prelude.Compat, ...), used in easytest's
Test, since I couldn't find their existing fail implementation to update.

To reduce (my) confusion, these are imported carefully, consistently,
and qualified everywhere as and, with clashing
re-exports suppressed, like so:

import Prelude hiding (fail)
import qualified Prelude (fail)
import Control.Monad.State.Strict hiding (fail)
import "base-compat-batteries" Prelude.Compat hiding (fail)
import qualified "base-compat-batteries" Control.Monad.Fail.Compat as Fail

# 1.15.2 2019-09-05

@@ -1,6 +1,10 @@
User-visible changes in hledger-ui.
See also the hledger changelog.

# aa20f34b

- lib, cli, ui: start using Control.Monad.Fail, allow base-compat 0.11

# 1.15 2019-09-01

- allow brick >=0.47
@@ -1,6 +1,9 @@
User-visible changes in hledger-web.
See also the hledger changelog.

# aa20f34b

# 1.15 2019-09-01

- --serve-api disables the usual server-side web UI (leaving only the API routes)
@@ -1,6 +1,27 @@
User-visible changes in the hledger command line tool and library.

# aa20f34b

- import: message cleanups, mention input files
Only the --dry-run message needs the semicolon, so dry run output can
be piped into hledger.

- import: --catchup marks all transactions imported, without importing

- import: also show a message when nothing was imported

- import: create the journal if missing, like the add command
Streamlines import/migration instructions.

- bal: don't raise an error (maximum) when there is neither budget nor transactions in the report period (Dmitry Astapov)

- bal: improve debug output for budget report (show budget txns) (Dmitry Astapov)

- fix generation of periodic transactions with days/months/... repeat (Dmitry Astapov)

- lib, cli, ui: start using Control.Monad.Fail, allow base-compat 0.11

# 1.15.2 2019-09-05

- -V and -X now respect a report end date (set with -e or -p or date:)

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