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;make manuals-watch

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simonmichael committed Feb 3, 2020
1 parent 088e253 commit efc32138ac2da87b854cda670b3c7ac783d90320
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@@ -727,11 +727,16 @@ haddock: \
# # cd site/api && \
# # hoogle --convert=main.txt --output=default.hoo

# flaky
site-watch: Shake
$(call def-help,site-watch, open a browser on the website (in ./site) and rerender/reload when manuals or site content changes )
(ls $(DOCSOURCEFILES) | entr ./Shake -VV manuals) &
make -C site html-watch

manuals-watch: Shake
$(call def-help,manuals-watch, rerender manuals when their source files change )
ls $(DOCSOURCEFILES) | entr ./Shake -VV manuals

# This rule, for updating the live site, gets called by:
# 1. github-post-receive (github webhook handler), when something is pushed
# to the main or wiki repos on Github. Config:

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