Bad formatting of balance reports when using different currencies #186

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I tried to use simple journal with different currencies but with same account name. I have multiple accounts in different currencies in my bank which have the same name.

Example file is here:
Output is this:

It obviously has wrong formatting of numbers.

Is it a bug or feature as accounts in different currencies should have different names?


Thanks for the report. You're right, and I guess it's a bug. Multicolumn balance report (in particular) gets messed up when it has to display a multi-commodity balance. The tabular library it uses doesn't support multi-line cells. It could probably display multiple commodities on a single line, though the column could become very wide. A mockup of how it should render multiple commodities would be helpful.

Meanwhile, as a workaround I limit my multicolumn balance reports to one commodity at a time, eg:

hledger bal -M cur:\\$

@simonmichael simonmichael added a commit that closed this issue Jul 3, 2014
@simonmichael balance: show multi-commodity amts on one line (fixes #186)
To avoid totally breaking the layout of multicolumn balance reports when
there are multi-commodity balances, these are now rendered on a single
line, comma separated. Simple balance reports still use the old vertical
format for now.
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