JournalReader performance bug #189

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ronwalf commented May 14, 2014

The 'ledgerDateSyntaxToTags' function in JournalReader.hs is quite slow, and the culprit seems to be regexReplaceBy. A recent profiling had it taking 31% of total cpu time and 27% of total allocation on a ~7k entry journal. Commenting that function out confirmed the performance gains in non-profiling build (3.3s with, 2.2s without).


Thanks for this report. Some questions: What command were you running ? How many occurences of the ledger date syntax ([DATE], [DATE=DATE2] or [=DATE2]) do you have in your posting comments ?

ronwalf commented Jul 6, 2014

I just used 'register' and 'balance' to test. I have zero occurrence of
the bracket syntax (I rarely use secondary dates, and I use the
PRIMARY=SECONDARY syntax when I do).


A bit faster now!

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