"System.Exit does not support exitSuccess" while installing #2

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Original author: simon@joyful.com (June 22, 2009 15:26:25)

As reported by Andreas Reuleaux, cabal install hledger fails on his debian/ghc 6.8 installation
because exitSuccess was not provided until base version 4, and hledger.cabal claims to work with
base 3 or 4.

Workaround: force the use of base 4 when installing. This should work:

cabal install hledger --constraint="base >= 4"

Original issue: http://code.google.com/p/hledger/issues/detail?id=2


From simon@joyful.com on June 22, 2009 15:49:02
Fixed in darcs, though not yet on hackage.


From simon@joyful.com on June 22, 2009 18:44:11
It seems 0.6 can't be made to work with ghc 6.8/base 0.3, so I have released 0.6.1 on hackage which should.

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