add does not use default year/default commodity directives #26

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Original author: (November 13, 2010 00:42:26)

I just implemented default commodity support, but as Eric Kow points out, this and other "journal state affecting" directives (default year, default commodity, parent account) are ignored by the add command. I guess add should use these if present, the last one encountered if there is more than one.

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From on November 13, 2010 02:19:23
Here's how I think this should work:

  • add should just use the current year as default, as it does now, ignoring the journal's default year directives
  • add currently records commodity-less amounts as entered, ie with no commodity symbol. Subsequent commands will apply the default commodity to these. Instead, I think Eric is expecting it to record the amounts with an explicit commodity symbol added. I guess that is the most reasonable thing to do.
  • similarly, reporting commands will apply any parent account directives to newly-added transactions. In this case, add should not explicitly prepend the parent account(s) to the account names entered.

From on November 13, 2010 15:16:57
Now implemented in darcs, along with some default account/amount fixes.

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