hledger ui dies when showing non-ascii (unicode) currency symbols #3

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Original author: simon@joyful.com (June 27, 2009 22:31:58)

I have some amounts using the € (euro) symbol. hledger ui terminates immediately with "hledger:
Prelude.chr: bad argument". I can work around by using an ascii symbol like EUR instead.

IIRC this is due to weak i18n in the vty library which our ui command relies on. They are aware of
this and hope to improve it.

Original issue: http://code.google.com/p/hledger/issues/detail?id=3


From simon@joyful.com on September 23, 2009 15:13:00
This is fixed with latest hledger and vty Thanks to Corey O'Connor for overhauling vty.

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