Inconsistent multi-currency formatting in csv balance #336

feuerbach opened this Issue Apr 19, 2016 · 2 comments


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% cat test.journal 
; journal created 2016-04-19 by hledger

2016/04/19 1
    a        10 USD
    b     -10.0 USD

2016/04/19 2
    a        20 EUR
    b     -20.0 EUR

% hledger -f test.journal balance a -O csv
"a","20.0 EUR
10.0 USD"
"total","20.0 EUR, 10.0 USD"

In one case multiple currencies are separated with newline, in another with a comma and space.

I'd prefer comma and space, this is also what register is using.


Good catch, thanks. Comma-separated is probably not optimal for CSV consumers but it beats malformed CSV.


It's not necessarily malformed (since the newline occurs inside the quotes), just inconsistent. Anyway, thanks for the quick fix!

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