hledger-ui/hledger-web --real does not reflect nonvirtual credit #354

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I started off my hledger journal using virtual transactions for budgeting purposes, and stopped after a while. I noticed, however, that when I use a virtual posting to the same account as an actual posting, and use the real flag, the actual posting shows up with the credit netted between the virtual and nonvirtual postings.

2016/04/01 Parking Bill
    expenses:auto:parking           100
    assets:checking                -100
    [assets:checking]               100
    [budget:auto:parking]          -100

Results in the following line-item entry in the hledger-ui mode (and something similar in hledger-web):

2016/04/01 Parking Bill ex:au:parking 0 (Same as previous balance).

However, hledger itself does correctly exclude the virtual posting and credits

2016/04/01 Parking Bill assets:checking 100 100.

I don't think I'm doing anything wrong here, but if I am, please show me where I'm going astray. I really want to use hledger-ui as part of my workflow since it would be much quicker and less error-prone than querying against hledger constantly, but I can't until this bug is fixed/worked around.

@simonmichael simonmichael changed the title from hledger-ui/heldger-web --real does not reflect nonvirtual credit to hledger-ui/hledger-web --real does not reflect nonvirtual credit May 31, 2016
@simonmichael simonmichael added a commit that referenced this issue Jun 1, 2016
@simonmichael ui: indicate real mode and toggle it with R key (#354)
There is a limitation/bug: disabling real mode in the transaction screen
won't show the non-real postings if it was entered from a real-mode
register screen.

I see what you mean, thanks for the bug report.

The hledger-ui bug has now been fixed in master, and also you can now toggle real mode with R (with a limitation/bug: toggling real postings in the transaction screen only works if the previous register screen was not in real mode).

I'm not sure if this fix has made any difference to hledger-web, which currently ignores command-line flags like -R/--real I believe. If you see any change, let me know.

simonmichael commented Jun 1, 2016 edited

(on #355 which I'll create for hledger-web now).

@simonmichael simonmichael added a commit that referenced this issue Jun 2, 2016
@simonmichael ui: transaction: ignore real/cleared/empty, always show full txn (#354)
This commit clarifies the account transactions report: as before the included transactions
are the original unfiltered transactions, but now the change and running balance amounts
are calculated from the report-matched postings. This fixed the limitation noted in 509f558,
so that toggling real mode in any screen could work. Then I decided the transaction screen
shouldn't show a partial transaction after all, so real/cleared filtering is no longer allowed or indicated here.

This is now resolved for hledger-ui I believe. Toggling real mode on the transaction screen was fixed, but I disabled it in favour of always showing the full unfiltered transaction.

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