Question: grouping transactions in `reg -O csv` #391

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rstacruz commented Aug 8, 2016 edited by simonmichael

Doing hledger reg -O csv gets you a list of postings:

"2016/08/06","7-Eleven","Assets:Cash","P -500.00","P -500.00"
"2016/08/06","7-Eleven","Expenses:Variable:Misc","P 500.00","0"
"2016/08/07","McDonalds","Assets:Cash","P -350.00","P -350.00"
"2016/08/07","McDonalds","Expenses:Variable:Dine","P 350.00","0"

Doing it without -O csv shows them grouped properly by transaction:

2016/08/06  7-Eleven   Assets:Cash
2016/08/07  McDonalds  Assets:Cash

Is there any way I can get this grouping information via -O csv? I'm trying to make a UI here and that info would be very useful!

simonmichael commented Aug 8, 2016 edited

print -O csv adds the transaction index field, providing this information. This should be added to register's CSV output too, good idea.

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