RFE; hledger add re-prompt #47

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Original author: davamu...@gmail.com (June 01, 2011 14:23:11)

Sometimes, too often, when adding transactions via hledger add, I'll make a mistake or accept a default I realize I shouldn't have.
When that happens, I have no choice but to ctrl-C and re-invoke hledger add and start again, even if I had already added most of the transaction details correctly.

For those occasions, it would be great to be able to tell hledger add to "re-ask".
A transaction is completed with a single ".", could something like a single "<" cause hledger add to re-do the last prompt ?

Original issue: http://code.google.com/p/hledger/issues/detail?id=47


From simon@joyful.com on June 01, 2011 15:19:16
Another good idea.


From simon@joyful.com on February 23, 2013 02:39:35
Added in darcs. You don't get to restart after the full transaction is displayed though. We may need to add an extra confirmation prompt after each transaction for this.


From simon@joyful.com on February 25, 2013 21:13:00
It now shows and confirms each transaction before recording it.

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