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HLEDGER_SRC/doc - starting point for hledger documentation files.

hledger doc files can be divided into several groups: 

1. Project admin/dev notes not published on the website.
These are kept in this directory (doc/). They include: 
doc/finance/      project finances
doc/hcar/         Haskell Community and Activities Report entries
doc/lib.m4        common macros used in package manuals
doc/manpage.*     misc. templates for rendering package manuals
doc/mockups/      exploratory developer mockups   
doc/profs/        a place for long-term profiling/performance data

2. Project doc files required to be in the top directory:

README.md         the main project readme, displayed on github
LICENSE           the default project license

3. Code/API docs in haskell source files as haddock comments:

hledger*/**/*.hs  haddock module and function docs in most source files

4. Per-package descriptions, readmes, changelogs, and reference manuals.
These are in the respective package directories:

hledger*/package.yaml    source for package metadata (description, etc.)
hledger*/README          package readme, displayed on hackage
hledger*/CHANGES         package changelog, displayed on hackage
hledger*/hledger*.m4.md  package manual source file(s)

5. The project website and additional docs - home page, FAQ, tutorials, 
how-tos, developer guide, etc. These are in the site directory:

site/             hledger.org website content, templates, assets

## Workflows

The manuals and website are rendered from the top directory, 
primarily using Shake. First, build Shake:

$ make Shake

Then render the per-package manuals from markdown-m4 source files (*.m4.md) 
to text, man, info, and markdown formats. This requires some unix tools 
such as m4:

$ ./Shake manuals

The text/man/info manuals are embedded in the hledger executable, so a 
rebuild of that now will pick up the latest manuals:

$ stack build hledger

The website uses the markdown manuals. This copies them into the
website, edits them for web display, concatenates them to form the
one-page manual, and runs pandoc to render everything as html,
adding tables of contents and the site header/footer.

$ ./Shake website

View the rendered website ("open" is mac-specific; use your equivalent):
$ open site/_site/index.html

# TODO: this section needs update
# Or run hakyll in preview mode, regenerating html when source changes: 
# $ make site-preview
# $ open http://localhost:8000
# Example workflow: edit doc source files, run Shake website in another window, 
# wait for to hakyll rebuild html files, manually reload pages in browser.
# Occasionally hakyll will get confused, to fix it: ctrl-c, make site-clean site-preview . 
# You can automate the browser page reloading by running a livereloadx proxy. 
# In another window:
# $ make site-reload
# $ open http://localhost:8001  # if the make file didn't do it

## Misc. notes

Changelogs are plain text, but started including some markdown formatting
from 1.0. Should make consistent.

Changelogs started mentioning committer names from 2017/1,
for hledger-ui-1.1.1 (because they won't appear on the release notes).
Could do it just for minor releases but might as well do it for all.
Could do it for past releases but no pressing need.

In site/release-notes.md, we stopped mentioning minor releases
around 0.27. The old minor releases should probably be removed
or promoted to the same heading level as major releases.