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Welcome to the hledger wiki!

This complements the main hledger website and the reference manuals on hledger.org with additional docs, which can be edited more quickly:

  • the User Cookbook - how-tos, tutorials, examples, notes..
  • the Dev Zone - developer notes, contributor guide..

You can find all content via the sidebar to the right.

Editing help

This is your wiki! Please edit, improve and use it freely.

  • Github wikis help
  • editing requires a github account
  • edit by web, or by git clone, local edit, git push
  • link between wiki pages: [[Pagename]] or [[Other text|Pagename]]. Pagename is case insensitive and can have spaces.
  • link to wiki pages from elsewhere: https://github.com/simonmichael/hledger/wiki/Pagename. Pagename is case insensitive and can have spaces.
  • link to hledger manual sections: http://hledger.org/manual#anchor. anchor is any manual heading's text, lowercased with punctuation removed and spaces replaced by hyphens.
  • when renaming a page, try also to update the links to it
  • use the _Sidebar to organize content. This is mirrored to the main docs page hourly. We might include some external (non-wiki) links here.
  • Dev Zone content is in the dev/ subdirectory. It has its own _Sidebar, which can only be edited via git. The subdirectory "dev/" does not appear in wiki links or urls. Page names should be unique across all directories. Pages created through the web are always in the top directory; they can be moved into dev/ with git.