Convert CSV files

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Here's a quick example of reading CSV data with hledger.

Say we have downloaded checking.csv from a bank for the first time:

"2012/3/23","TRANSFER TO SAVINGS","-10.00"

We tell hledger how to intepret this with a file named checking.csv.rules, using the CSV rules syntax. Eg:

# skip the first CSV line (headings)
skip 1

# use the first three fields in each CSV record as transaction date, description and amount respectively
fields   date, description, amount

# prepend $ to CSV amounts
currency $

# always set the first account to assets:bank:checking
account1 assets:bank:checking

# if the CSV record contains ‘SAVINGS’, set the second account to assets:bank:savings
# (if not set, it will be expenses:unknown or income:unknown)
  account2 assets:bank:savings

Now hledger can read this CSV file as journal data:

$ hledger -f checking.csv print
using conversion rules file checking.csv.rules
2012/03/22 DEPOSIT
    income:unknown             $-50.00
    assets:bank:checking        $50.00

    assets:bank:savings         $10.00
    assets:bank:checking       $-10.00

We might save this output as checking.journal, and/or merge it (manually, or using the import command) into the main journal file.

We could also just run reports on the CSV file directly:

$ hledger -f checking.csv balance
using conversion rules file checking.csv.rules
              $50.00  assets:bank
              $40.00    checking
              $10.00    savings
             $-50.00  income:unknown

Here are more CSV rules examples.

Here's how to Customize default CSV accounts.

There are many alternate CSV conversion tools at -> data import/conversion (nine CSV->*ledger tools at last count). hledger-import-dsl is a fully programmable hledger-ish option.

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