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Most of this has been contributed to the new site, but not yet all, eg the accounting links.

Blog posts & articles

Related info

John Wiegley's Ledger inspired hledger. Here are some good intros, which also serve as a good orientation for hledger:

Martin Blais' beancount is another Ledger-inspired tool, written in Python. It has good documentation, some of which may be useful to hledger users:

  • Command-line Accounting in Context
  • The Double-Entry Counting Method
  • Command-line Accounting Cookbook example real-world journal entries
  • A Comparison of Beancount and Ledger & HLedger

See also the two Twitter feeds:

  • @LedgerTips Tips and tricks for Ledger, hledger, beancount, etc.
  • #ledgercli Search for latest mentions of the #ledgercli hash tag


hledger add-ons

Scripting examples

Similar projects

In addition to hledger and Ledger, there are other Ledger ports and Ledger-likes, incompatible but similar in concept:

Other things of interest:

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