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This is hledger_site, the repo for the website.
It contains most of the source files for the website.

This repo was created in 2019 by combining the site/ subfolder
previously in the main hledger repo, and the github wiki, preserving
the essential histories of both (though for the true original history
of site/ up to 2019/08, see the main hledger repo.)

It is intended to be cloned as the "site" subdirectory of the main
hledger repo. Currently this is done manually, not via git submodule
or subtree.

In 2021, this site was converted from sphinx to mdbook.  

Site configuration is in book.toml.  

Some static assets are kept in css/, theme/, js/ and highslide/. 

A few more assets and most of the site's content source is in src/. 

Some hledger docs are kept in the main hledger repo, and included in
the website via symbolic links in src/. These are:

- developer docs like and (The latter is
  linked as src/ so mdbook and github don't give it
  special treatment.)

- the hledger/hledger-ui/hledger-web user manuals (web versions).
  These should be generated/updated before rendering the website, by
  doing "make Shake && ./Shake" webmanuals in the main hledger repo.

To render the latest site content (in out/): 


To render the latest content (in out/), and the old versions of the
user manuals, and the latest dev version of the manual (in out2/,
built separately due to mdbook limitations):

    make buildall