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# shelltestrunner project makefile
# ensure some locale is set, required by ghc executables
export LANG=en_US.UTF-8
# the shelltest executable built with default stack resolver/ghc version
DEFAULTEXE=$(shell stack path --local-install-root)/bin/shelltest
# default flags when running shelltest
SHELLTEST=$(DEFAULTEXE) --exclude /_ -j16 --hide-successes
# files to tag
HSFILES=src/*.hs src/Utils/*.hs
# Several stack resolvers/ghc versions to try building/testing with.
# Not all of these work on all platforms, eg ghc 7.8 on OSX Sierra.
# | lts | ghc |
# | 10 | 8.2.2 |
# | 9,8 | 8.0.2 |
# | 7 | 8.0.1 |
# | 6,5,4 | 7.10.3 |
# | 3 | 7.10.2 |
# | 2,1 | 7.8.4 |
nightly \
lts-10 \
lts-9 \
lts-6 \
default: build
# commithook: site
# build with default resolver/ghc version
stack build
stack install
build-all: build-with-resolvers
# build, run any unit tests/benchmarks, and check haddock with several ghc versions
build-with-resolvers: $(foreach r,$(RESOLVERS),build-with-resolver-$r)
stack --resolver=$* build --test --bench --haddock --no-haddock-deps
# stack --resolver=$* clean # needed for more thorough test ?
stack ghci # -fdefer-type-errors
test: testunix testexamples
# run cross-platform and unix-specific shell tests with default shelltest build
testunix: build
$(SHELLTEST) tests -x /examples -x .windows -w $(DEFAULTEXE)
# run cross-platform and windows-specific shell tests
# (though if you are running make on windows, you may be able to, or have to, use testunix)
$(SHELLTEST) tests -x /examples -x .unix -w $(DEFAULTEXE)
testexamples: build
$(SHELLTEST) tests/examples
# run shell tests with several ghc versions
# test-with-resolvers: build-with-resolvers $(foreach r,$(RESOLVERS),test-with-resolver-$r)
# test-with-resolver-%:
# echo $(stack --resolver=$* path --local-install-root)/bin/shelltest tests
# @echo; echo testing shelltest built with ghc-$*
# @(./shelltest.ghc-$* --with ./shelltest.ghc-$* tests* --exclude windows -j8 --hide-successes \
# && echo $@ PASSED) || echo $@ FAILED
PANDOC=pandoc -f gfm -s -M pagetitle:'shelltestrunner - Easy, repeatable testing of CLI programs/commands'
# convert any markdown files to html
html: $(patsubst,%.html,$(wildcard *.md)) Makefile
# generate html from a md file
%.html: #index.tmpl
$(PANDOC) $< -o $@ #--template index.tmpl
# regenerate html files when the corresponding markdown file changes
ls *.md | entr make html
# reload the page in a browser viewing http://localhost:10000/README.html (eg) when the file changes
livereloadx -p 10000 --static .
LASTTAG=$(shell git describe --tags --abbrev=0)
changes-show: $(call def-help,changes-show, show commits affecting the current directory excluding any hledger package subdirs from the last tag as org nodes newest first )
@make changes-show-from-$(LASTTAG)
changes-show-from-%: #$(call def-help,changes-show-from-REV, show commits affecting the current directory excluding any hledger package subdirs from this git revision onward as org nodes newest first )
@git log --abbrev-commit --pretty=format:'ORGNODE %s (%an)%n%b%h' $*.. -- . ':!hledger' ':!hledger-*' \
| sed -e 's/^\*/-/' -e 's/^ORGNODE/*/' \
| sed -e 's/ (Simon Michael)//'
# docs: site #haddock
# # build haddock docs
# haddock:
# cabal configure && cabal haddock --executables
# viewhaddock: docs
# $(VIEWHTML) dist/doc/html/shelltestrunner/$(EXE)/index.html
# site-view: site
# $(VIEWHTML) _site/index.html
@echo Current lines of code including tests:
@sloccount src | grep haskell:
tag: $(HSFILES) #$(TESTFILES) *.md Makefile
hasktags -e -o TAGS $^
hasktags -c -o ctags $^
# clean:
# rm -f `find . -name "*.o" -o -name "*.hi" -o -name "*~" -o -name "darcs-amend-record*" -o -name "*-darcs-backup*"`
# Clean: clean
# rm -f TAGS _cache #_site $(EXE)
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