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\report{Simon Michael}%11/11

shelltestrunner was first released in 2009, inspired by the test suite
in John Wiegley's ledger project. It is a command-line tool for doing
repeatable functional testing of command-line programs or shell
commands. It reads simple declarative tests specifying a command, some
input, and the expected output, error output and exit status. Tests
can be run selectively, in parallel, with a timeout, in color, and/or
with differences highlighted.

In the last six months, shelltestrunner has had three releases (1.0,
1.1, 1.2) and acquired a home page. Projects using it include hledger,
yesod, berp, and eddie. shelltestrunner is free software released
under GPLv3+ from Hackage or \url{}.


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